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Fit RX

Now Offering Fit RX Classes!

This class uses body wight movements, such as push-ups, sit-ups, mountain climbs, body squats, lateral jumps, box jumps, dips, and many moe plyometric movements. We also se the following: Swiss Balls, TRX Straps, Bulgarian Bags, Dumbbells, Resisantant Bands, Kettle Bells, and Medicine Balls

Class Schedule
Tuesday 6:00am 6:55am With Dominick
Tuesday 6:00pm 6:55pm With Rebecca
Wednesday 6:00pm 6:55pm With Rebecca
Thursday 6:00am 6:55am With Dominic

Addtional Information Resources

Safety Firts With TRX Training

A great article from fitnessadvisory.com about TRX training safety.

What to know about TRX training

shape.com has a nice write-up on what to know about TRX training.

Science tests the TRX workout:

Head over to breakingmuscle.com and check out their article on the science of TRX workouts