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Feel stronger with a Pilates class

Build core strength with abdominal and back exercises. Improves posture and optimizes energy use as we teach you how to breathe from your "power house" area of the body. Excellent way to trim inches off your midsection and get that definition you've always wanted!

Class Schedule
Monday 9:35am - 10:20am With Jen
Tuesday 9:35am - 10:20am With Andrea
Thursday 9:35am - 10:20am With Andrea

Addtional Information Resources

The benefits of Pilates

a great article from webmd.com about the benefits of Pilates.

Getting started with Pilates

about.com has a nice list of links with great information to get you started with Pilates

Pilates safety

Head over to basipilates.com and check out their article on Pilates safety